Based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, a story that asks what would have happened if Elizabeth Bennet never rejected Mr. Collins’s proposal?

Elizabeth Bennet has no wish to marry her distant cousin, Mr. Collins, but she also knows her family’s plight is dire indeed. Her father’s estate is entailed, none of the girls have dowries, and her youngest sister courts scandal at every turn. Instead of refusing Mr. Collins outright, Elizabeth accepts an invitation to visit his parsonage in Hunsford, hoping a few weeks will give her oldest sister Jane time to settle matters with Mr. Bingley, as well as help Mr. Collins realize how unsuited Elizabeth is to be his wife. Then Bingley abandons Jane, Mr. Collins demands to set a wedding date, and Elizabeth fears she is out of options.

Enter Mr. Darcy, who, despite his best efforts, cannot get Elizabeth out of his mind. He arrives in Hunsford hoping that seeing her with her foolish fiancé will finally cure him of his passing fancy, but the opposite happens, and he realizes he cannot let another man stand…In Darcy’s Place.