“The fact remains, Lizzy: A duel was fought last night at the Netherfield Ball. A duel over your honor. And all I want to know is, which of these gentlemen have stolen it?”

Based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, a story that asks what would have happened if Wickham had come to the Netherfield Ball?

Elizabeth does not like the disagreeable Mr. Darcy, but when an evening of dancing and fun erupts in unexpected violence, the gentleman might be her only hope.

Darcy has spent his life avoiding scandal, and he refuses to allow Elizabeth to be ruined by vicious gossip. But lies travel quickly, and running can only take you so far.

When Darcy is pushed to the brink, he must decide who he is: The cold and calculating master of Pemberley… or the man of Elizabeth’s dreams.

IN DARCY’S DREAMS is a sweet, standalone Regency romance of 75,000 words.

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